Souly Had

"Soul In It"

Yeah, Yeah, Uh

[Verse 1]
I gotta keep it close, gotta hold onto my talents
Yeah I reap my clothes [?] she Spanish
So I keep a rose, keep the steps I mix em up
Sticking [?] I'm not interested, don't give a f*ck
Thorns keep on pricking my index
These incects keep on bugging but my [?]
I sense that they nothing, we just move on and infect
Couple punches and the slumped up from my music, I hit them

[Verse 2]
Coming in from different angles, creeping from the underground
Weather you like it or not, regardless, you gon speak our sound
Floating up top, yeah man, [?] with my speakers now
Trying to get everyone to appreciate what we about
At least for now, got a lot of hits up in my catalogue
[?] climbing up on top, I'm like a catapult
Moving forward, I do it for myself, I got a [?]
Love it or hate it, I'm stuck with no say
But the beats keep on bumping in my face
Like I need to mumble, tap my fingers, I ain't stuck in [?]
The way my brain just react like a chain or a shakle
My strength is past their budget, ayo my [?]
There ain't no no-no
There ain't no wiping it clean
There ain't no life in a dream
So why smile so realistic like I'm writing these things
Real risky with this whisk I'm just vibing with me
sh*t I'm alive with the [?], yeah
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