Trippie Redd


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Honorable C.N.O.T.E
Big 14, know what the f*ck goin' on (b*tch)
Gang sh*t, no lame sh*t (Haha, gang)
You know what I'm sayin', and we bang sh*t, on gang
[?] hold on, huh

Man, don't worry 'bout my choppas, simp, just know them b*tches bang (Bah)
I'm almighty, if you talkin' sh*t, then b*tch, you die today (Yeah)
Obito with the Akatsuki, when I pull up with that gang (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
All that talkin', b*tch, but I was f*ckin' on your boo thing, yeah (Woo)

Yeah, I ride around with your boo, she was in love whole time (Love whole time, yeah)
Diamonds they shine on me, ooh, boy, you might go blind (Might go blind, yeah)
Yeah, my Rolex, it gleam, I don't know the time (Know the time)
And my whip go full speed, shut up, b*tch, and drive (Woo, b*tch, and drive)
I'm off this perc, this weed, tryna get real high (Get real high)
Mario Kart, took a mushroom, now I'm feelin' high (Feelin' high)
You thought that b*tch love you, boy, you must be high (Must be high)
No cap, but for real my bank account gets really high
High (High), high (High), high (High)
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