Trippie Redd


Lyrics from Snippets

I'm a big dog, who you wanna be? (Yeah)
Diamonds on my wrist and on my teeth (Yeah, Big 14, know what the f*ck goin' on)
I smoke zaza, I'm in La La off them trees (Woo)
Took the T-tops off the 'Vette, I need a breeze (Yeah, yeah)
And I do the f*ckin' dash like Need For Speed (Skrrt)
I don't need a b*tch, what a b*tch need (Yeah, yeah)
She was off a X pill now she want eat (Oh)
She went up a molly ramp and she went, "Wee" (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Got a pound, know what we doin' today
I hang with them killers, they ruin your day
I'm feelin' good, I'm super today
Hang with the gang and we feel like Sly Cooper today
Got a Bentley, but I just might Uber today
Got a beam with me like a Storm Trooper today
Hella stones on me like I'm Medusa today
And I'm blowin' up like I'm a boomer today
I'm a superstar, you a consumer today
All black whip look like a Puma today
I'm a king I'm with Timone and Pumba today
In your dreams, I'm big Freddy Krueger today
Don't make me pop out with that ruler today
Stretch your b*tch on my di*k, it's like Zoomba today
If they like to shoot, I'm a shooter today
Do a drill on a muhf*ckin' scooter today
Teach the world, I might become a tutor today
She wanna f*ck I might toot her and boot her today
Call up OVO, they come from Hooters today (Yeah)
B, L, double-O, D, I feel booler today (Blood)
Play with ice like a muhf*ckin' cooler today...
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