Alone* lyrics


Trippie Redd

Lyrics from Snippet

Yeah, yeah

Now that I'm gettin' new money, I ain't worried 'bout no old hoes
These b*tches get the dial tone, I been gettin' used to my ringtone
These b*tches wanna sing along but I just wanna f*ckin' be alone
[?] in the catacombs, live alone, I'ma die alone (Woah, woah)
[?] turn up to the roof just to see the damn ceiling fall
I'ma bossanova and I'm in to y'all, sincerely, kill 'em all
f*ck your love, lil' b*tch, rather be alone
You were just tryna get me out my zone

[Verse 1]
Your complications, I can't dеal with that...
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