Demon Time/Shells* lyrics


Trippie Redd

Lyrics from Snippets

Ha (Haha), demon time, n*gga
Yeah, gang, uh (Gang, gang)
Bells, give 'em hell (Brr, bah)
I got bells (Bah, bah, bah), I got shells (I'm shy, oh my God, bah), shells
Shoot a n*gga up...

I got lots of Perkys on me, sh*t (sh*t)
You a ten, with a ten
I'm tryna win, tryna grin at the devil (At the devil)
b*tch, I am a rebel, I don't give no f*cks

Keep starin', keep starin', ayy
Keep starin', I don't even like to kickstand
I get money, big bands
We ain't playin', big grams in the blunt
What you sayin'?...
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