Yes Or Not* lyrics


Trippie Redd

Lyrics from Snippets

[?] right now (Yeah)
I got money so why not?
b*tch, you comin', yes or not? Oh (Oh)
Sippin' 'Tussin, off that snot, Lamb' truck, Rolls truck, [?] a lot (Yeah)
You ain't gang then we gon' pop, oh (sh*t)
Yeah, hop out a jet, hop in the Lamb'
I got a TEC, send 'em to hell
[?], came from a cell, ain't got no tears, only got shells
Demons At Play, I'm the devil himself
Diamonds on my wrist, there's water my belt
Gettin' that guap, countin' that kale, yeah
Pourin' Wock' in my 'Tussin, pourin' Wock' in my 'Tussin
Yeah, them chop's be bustin', yeah, them chop's stay bustin'
I ain't worried 'bout nothing, I ain't worried 'bout nothing...
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