Grimy Days* lyrics


Trippie Redd

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[Verse 1: YG & Trippie Redd]
Brand new box of blickys, we gon' buy 'em all (Buy 'em all)
SKS, Foolies, we gon' try 'em all (Try 'em all)
Keep my name out your mouth 'fore you gon' die tomorrow
Say we kill for nothin', he a opp, it was probable cause
It ain't nothin [?] (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2: Trippie Redd]
They say my brother name in vein and they gon' die today
Big B's, eatin' honeycombs, I'm in the hive today
He was nowhere to be seen in my grimy days (Mob)
Big slime, for that [?], b*tch, a homicide awaits
In the trenches, big stick hangin' out that Prada bag
I was goin' ape in the field, that's why I bought some Bape
Evеrybody love when I was broke, and now I'm rich, thеy hate
[?] with Tony Hawk, b*tch, I grind and motivate
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