Brotha Lynch Hung

"Stone Interviews T9 (Skit)"

[Spoken: Stevie Stone]
So, when was the beginning of Tech N9ne?

[Spoken: tech N9ne]
The name "Tech N9ne" was born in '88 on the corner of 56th and Michigan in Kansas City, Missouri. I recorded my first song called "The Newbury" there that reached Frozen Image Productions in '91. That's the year that Solé took me on my first plane ride to the BRE Convention in New Orleans. And when I returned to KC I started recording hella with Frozen Image. Which lead to me doing Black Expo shows in our city, like where pretty much the first Technicians were born, consisting of gangstas and college kids first. Those shows helped me get other shows in my town, like at Grand Emporium and Party House and eventually winning a rap contest to open up for E.P.M.D. at the Camp Arena

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