Brotha Lynch Hung

"For The Funk Of It"

(REC. 1992)

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
Lynch'll hold them at gunpoint
f*cking them up, my n*ggas go anguish
Smell the meadow of the nine in your nose, it goes
Boom, your brains are liquid, contains a liquid
The pain's that endangered sh*t you can't f*ck with
'Cause now I got the motherf*cking sickness
A bucking atheist, put triple six six sick sh*t
Sipping off the ??? of a nine, but at the same time, lickin' off the blood on my mind
Now the motherf*cker's minds is f*cked up, mixed up
And I treat them like a 40 and sip them up
A young n*gga on the fiend for Brotha Hung
To take them on a state of a n*gga Lynch theory
Crucifix style-ism, a six prism a circ*mcision ??? venom ???
And overdo them, put a nine to them a brain occurs
To let them know the Brotha Lynch is endangered
Shoot the n*gga again with something prosperous
Something like some anti-gospel hits
Pain killer, the main thriller, the same n*gga who
Back in the day came smooth with, my trigger goes boom
Even now my trigger goes click, 'cause Triple Six still got my clip
Then motherf*ckers step up and Triple Six ??? my sickness kicks in
f*cking them in the as*h*le, blood on my di*k skin
A n*gga named Lynch killing infants and infants
A gangster style ???
Boom, n*ggas never seen me go rip guts
Blast, witness the baby hanging all out the b*tch's ass
Me and Triple Six just laugh for the f*ck of it
You die first, I die hella fast
But motherf*ckers got something to say, I'm like
"f*ck 'em", facts coming straight from RJ
The Triple Six ???
Hold 'em up on his feet
My n*ggas straight ??? venom and f*ck with it
Give me some of that same sh*t ???
Triple Six shoot me up with ounces, make it hurt
Hit me with the arsenic acid and make it work
A n*gga straight schizo walk ???
Put my n*gga's nine in my mouth and unload it
Boom, tripping 'cause it ain't no clip
Tripping 'cause it ain't ripping 'cause the blank won't hit
The n*gga Lynch made up his brain when he left it
Meaning I'll be back, meaning I'll stalk the motherf*cker
Leaning back, c*ck the motherf*cker
I'm a lay in my grave until another one comes to dig me up
Crazy as a motherf*cker - and I'm in there

Gettin' down, just for the funk of it
Gettin' down, just for the funk of it
Gettin' down, just for the funk of it
Gettin' down, just for the funk of it

Let it be known, Mr Killer Tone, Mafia Devil Child
Creep blind, f*ck a nine, about to go old school style
Give me the razor blade fade, the suicide
Slice my nuts and watch them 'til my body runs dry
That's how I'm going out, f*ck 'em all
(What about the family?) Like I said, f*ck 'em all
I had to roll with a nine as my bat
Depending on a n*gga gets a nine in my back
For the f*ck of it I tell you why I'm devil blind
Drop the nine and dig the grave funk and kick it go for mine
??? who's n*gga blind
What the f*ck is he thinking of, the instincts
A 40 dog's down by precincts
A n*gga's on lock down, the dirt on my skin so
??? schizo, ??? my pistol, is deep in your temple
The bullet hole stinks like an as*h*le ??? Killer Tone clip so
??? the Triple Six, ??? gusto Bounty's cutting off babies' di*ks
And any god in sight who could stop me, shoot me up
And my n*gga etch tetch the legacy, do 'em up
My motherf*cking brother got to f*ck it up
Here's my nine my n*gga so what the f*ck's up?


[Brotha Lynch Hung]
I never thought I would use it, the Brotha Lynch ??? style
n*ggas ??? gangster but now
Straight remedy this, give me the kiss from a millimeter a clip
Boom, and that's how my trigger went
A n*gga went schizo, crazy in fact
I went motherf*cking atheist, but n*ggas didn't like that
But I'm a left my n*ggas without crying
They already got me in a grave without dying
Now the n*ggas want me dead
n*ggas on my sh*t you know, trying to make a 20 out of 15 cents
Someone said though, to try to get studio time
Now Brotha Lynch ain't in no mood bullsh*t, fine
I get mines how I can get it, ???
I take it straight to the grave, all bullsh*t aside
The Brotha Lynch Hung carries a nine, I'm a load them like this
One in the clip, one in the brain
One in another n*gga that try to claim insane
But ain't insane, ??? nightmare
Critical baby killer 'cause life's so pitiful
And if I was safe to carry an infant
Boom ??? boom ??? blood all over the room
Another chapter from a n*gga young atheist
Clip's all empty and I'm gone watch my trigger go boom


The motherf*ckers saw me coming
n*ggas never knew what's up, though
Drop the pistol and go for the throat bone
Stand in full flesh, a devil's in the making
A cross between a pit and a budded out Jamaican
Crazy, straight crazy they call me
sh*t if it ain't the same n*gga who threatened to trigger nail
His own son, f*ck him, just let him live
Never know when I'm a need my devil kids
Paranoid of seed now
Is the reason I'm schizo, listen to my clip go
Killer Tone corrupt ???
You slept on my ass, now you wake up to a pile of sh*t
??? let your as*h*le bleed
Popping so much sh*t, you wipe your as*h*le b*tch style
Meanwhile a b*tch ain't a b*tch 'til she's used to being a b*tch
Trigger rich put the f*cking gun up your pus*y, b*tch
Clip 15 preferred, raw grind on my nine introduces a new kind of sperm
Gunpowder that burns like chlamydia
So don't move while my gun runs into ya
Treat 'em like a b*tch like they'd want to be treated instead of
??? f*cked by my Beretta
9 millimeter ??? gangster lean
??? vigor of a wolverine
It'll hurt you more than it'll hurt me, boom
Now her period's two weeks early
High dry, f*ck American Pie
"Took my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry"
Now my n*ggas are getting loaded off of 40s and tye
Saying "this'll be the way that I die"

I'm claiming this'll be the day that I die
Letting a n*gga bleed 'cause I shot a f*cking hole in his eye
That n*gga drank p*ss blood just because of my nine
Saying "please don't let me die"
I let the motherf*cker die, the others cry, begged for their souls
I killed 50 people now I'm digging 50 ???
One got away, number 49 is running
He fell a few times, boom boom, I kept coming
You can run, but you can't escape
And if you want to know more, yo - buy my tape
I'm out of here

Go buy my sh*t, and I'm out of here

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