Brotha Lynch Hung

"That’s Kutt Calhoun"

[Verse 1 - Kutt]
Ah, just bit the block with two smokers
Gettin' flagged down, I'm turnin' around and pulls over
Got a clear view before I hops out with them two soakers
It's my Deuce n*ggas hollerin' out "this fool's yolkin"
Double S Impala, you wobblin' like a penguin
Candy black with cherry red lines, this here a mean one
Checkerboard coloured interior
Black with the red suede seat cushion cover material
Super sport edition, 350 LT1 engine
'96 and that's the last of it's class, makes it a classic
Posi in the back for the traction makes it a fast
Madagascar built for the action got 'em askin' if

[Hook x2]
That's Kutt Calhoun, in the Chevy
That's Kutt Calhoun, strapped and ready
That's Kutt Calhoun, gettin' money
That's Kutt Calhoun, they call him Bloody

[Verse 2 - Kutt]
Since we in the great depression
I'm slangin' in a recession
Bills all over a n*ggas heels
Got me stressin
Got me on the corner like high heels and dresses
As the pills, yayo, and the water patient connection
Served a n*gga just in the alleyway he was guessin'
If I was the same n*gga he heard rappin' with Tech an'
I told him "if you don't move yo feet, well then a playa don't eat"
He said "I heard that n*gga" with much respect
And no sooner than he left I'm confronted with some detectives
On what I knew, who's who and what like I'mma confess to Po's
Hopped into the Chevy, I'm ready they had to let me go
Without a warrant I'll be the last n*gga to let 'em know

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Kutt]
Man I swear, the mo money mo problems
The longer you in the game the less ya chances or odds are
Haters don't wanna see you get large
They disrespectin' the game no more lieutenants and sergeants
Just killers who interject from the margin
Lookin' for them a quick lick, killin' 'em for the margarine
They wanna barge in, I gotta stand strong
And let it buck, so f*ck what him and his mans on
Either a turf war (or) leave me the f*ck alone
My life is worth more, you're really no concern
Better respect mine, or get combusted soon
So think about it, ya'll really ain't tryna feud when


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