[Part I]

AY! (*Oh my God ronny*)
AY! (Yuh, Yuh, Ay)
You know we [?] Ay (Yuh-hu, Ay)
Yuh, Ay, Nutted in her cheecks ay (Yuh, Ay, Yuh)
Shoutout me, shoutout Bob Ross, shoutout [?]
Shoutout motherf*cking-, Ronny and [?] Bro
Got this sh*t [?] (Ay, Yuh, Ay)
Ay (Yuh, Ay)
Yuh (Ay, Ay, Ay, Okay)

[Verse 1:]
Pop broke, bet you a party n*gga with yo f*cking sl*t
Put a skirt past you, and the [?] Really [?]
f*ck is this, wanna [?] Real [?] (Yuh)
I got yo shawty really [?] Make yo body flip
Still [?], That's what we [?]
Imma [?] Robux, this would [?] This b*tch
Smoke this weed, mess around count that green ay
I got that burger with the lean, f*cking me yuh

Ay, Yuh, we in the streets ay
Yuh, ay, (Uhu)
We in the streets ay
(Yuh, Ay, We in the streets) Ay
(Yuh, Ay, You already know, We in the streets ay) Yuh
*Laugh*, Ay, real sh*t, kill sh*t, motherf*cka on that trill sh*t
Ay (Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill) Ay, Ay (Ay) Ay, Ay, Ay *Shotgun*
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