Sada Baby


Jerry Production (my n*gga Liam think we got another one)
HMM, hmm

Still a Eastside n*gga huu backwood wit about a 3.5 in it
Joggin pants Stanton jeans wit at least 10 in em huuh

5 days a week til the weekend n*gga Wit a hunnit on my wrist aye
Still order condoms for I f*ck on me a b*tch huuh

Still order bounty for I f*ck on me a b*tch huuh
Still sip drank, wak, red, and tris huuh

Still ain’t scared of sh*t, still in the mix hmm
Still pay my granny bills, still pop perc and pill

Still kiss the bodine raw to make sure it’s real
Still rock a plain white tee, but now it’s diamonds on it yeah

It’s a Hanes white tee, but now I’m shining on em

[Verse 1]
I’ll tell Herb go Cu but he in suits saying
Black vest good roku off the new bands
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