"Run It Up"

[Intro: JackZick]
Yuh (Yuh)
Yuh, yuh
Yeah, yeah
(Brr, brr, brr)

[Pre-Chorus: JackZick]
You see I'm working so hard
One year I'll have a four car garage
My future brighter than a godamn star
I call you a liar, 'cause you godamn are (Perfect, perfect)

[Chorus: JackZick]
I get the check and then I run it up (Run it up)
I get the check and then I run it up (Run it up)
I get the check and then I run it up (Run it up)
You can't talk to me, 'cause you don't f*ck with us

[Verse 1: JackZick]
You perked off the Molly and them Xans (Xans)
I don't think you understand who I am (Am)
Slurring all your words through your fan (Fan)
You could rock with me and take a chance (Chance)
Come and join the team and be a beast (Be a beast)
We be getting bread and have a feast (Feast)
I'ma buy a car, you have a lease
I’ma be top five, have you others on a leash (On a leash)
I'ma skrt, skrt, skrt in the dash
I be cashing checks while you others on your ass
I’ma flex on the Gram, and finesse you out your racks
Wanna give me top?
Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass (Pass)
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