"Happily Ever After"

[Chorus: Chandy]
Growing up, I would live for movies and stories that my momma read me
Then I grew up and realized that all stories end in tragedy
There's no such thing as a happy ending
She supposed to be my angel, be my blessing
Then I fell in love and got my heart broken
Realized that life isn't a movie, I can't keep pretending
That this pain I feel isn't real
It'll all go away
My mind is telling me that there will be better days
Right now, it doesn't feel that way
Right now, I wanna take the pain away
Maybe this Xan will make me feel okay
Maybe this Perc will take the pain away

[Verse: 916frosty]
All I wanna hear is that you're proud of me
Ain't need no for questions when you ride with me
Even when I'm right, you never side with me
Layin' next to her, she always cry to sleep
Was never made for that, if I lose my heart, you better take it back
Don't wanna live a life where I make you laugh
We're growing up, forever at last
Get out my head, get out my head, get out my head (Woah), get out my head (Woah)
You're exactly what I want (Yeah)
You're the magic in my cup
I think about you all night long
I know you hate all of my songs
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