"​someday 2"

[Verse 1]
Baby, maybe I could come through in the morning
I don't care if it's still raining and pouring
Outside your window the world is still tossing and turning
Rain turns to sunshine, this is a cycle I'm learning
Fear, the keeper instilled in my mind
I haven't escaped
Erasing the parts of my brain that don't ever comply
Oh dear, I hope that you know that I've tried
But terror is making a mess if I do just confess I know all of it's lies

Why do I feed the parts inside of me
That absolutely mortify and choke me till I cannot breathe?
Do you feel better when you're sound asleep
Or do the thoughts inside of you just come to life inside a dream?

[Verse 2]
Truth be told
I've lost all hope
My mind has gone insane
Maybe I'm addicted to the dark parts of my brain
You and I have different eyes no we are not the same, ayy
I could be the moth and baby you could be the flame

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