Alley’s End lyrics



I could leave it all and go, where the pushers waiting for me, far from all the things I know, where the corpses disappear. Over the stream line, I’ve heard someone , after this night I’m coming home. I crawl down the alley until the end, drifting my body into the shade. I crawl down this alley to the end, leaving no trace of what I am. No more lies, no more ties but these empty eyes. A last trip to nowhere and far away to prove it doesn’t matter anyway. My tongue will bleed until the end of the feast. Drunken by tears from my hidden beast. To let myself go and let it flow, I’ll be patient, walking below. I crawl down this alley, feeling so hollow, watching the ghost until it glows. No more lies, no more ties but this empty eyes. No more blame, no more shame but this pure brown line…
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