HOPE///DOPE///ROPE lyrics



Look around
The Hunter virus is waiting for you, Ebola and the Tropical Rainforest is cooking up all kinds of brews to make sure that the population is kept into control. All these things are necessary
Why is there an increase in sexual deviation right now? Because it goes against procreative sex
Mother Nature does not want more children. No. This is not a time of birth. It's not a time to give birth!
It's a time to die
The Bible says all things under heaven, and that includes death as well as life
You out there, you comfortable ones, you point the finger. You say the junky's the problem, you say the sexual deviant is the problem, you say the serial killer is the problem, you say the racist is the problem. You say the man that hates his fellow man is the problem; but they ain't the problem
You're the problem!
The sexual deviant, the murderer, the serial killer, the taker of human life is the cure!
You're the problem!
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