Mourner’s Parade lyrics



Every scars of my skin start to bleed
Stone as a f*ck I m tryin to go deep
Creeping like frost under my spine
The sun is turning black for the last time
Blood turn to wine
Something divine

Dirt and filth
Blood is dripping
It s time for me
To let them cry in
Death death death for the others
I m kicking again throug the fire
Deadmen are walking throug the town
No more chances so let it down
Hit me harder
On and on
Mourners s parade is crawling down there

It is so calm before the storm
Acid rain is burning devil s horns
Look at the strange carnival split in
Death on my tonguе
Like a cloud of locust twisting

The city is burning
I m still losing
All the feelings
Bеcoming nothing
No more human
No more human
Cut my flesh crush
My bones in your hands
Deads are walking throug the tombs
Feeding mourners s open wounds
The gates are open down there
And let escape a lament from nowhere
The road is screaming under
The lazy steps of the mourners
The road is screaming under
The blackest tears of mother
Mark the last words on a black stone
Dry the river bring me back home

I m crawling down there
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