Lil Mosey


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Ayy, Benjamin he got Benjamins

Show me what the f*ck you made of
I know she finna wild, why you hate us?
Thinkin' this bedding don't tame us (Uh)
Nobody speak our language (Language)
Rolls-Royce slidin' (Slidin'), lil' man, I see you smilin' (Smilin')
Just know you gon' be alright, then (Uh)
[?], this the same [?] (Oh)
All night I'm like, "What you wanna do?" (I'm like)
Let's set the mood (Don't matter), break our rules (Oh)
Don't matter who (Yeah), 'cause I rock wit' you (Wit' you)
Don't need their love (No), I just feel your love (Your love)
I just need your trust
Baby, when you do that, you know it's not enough
Finna bring you back up, I can't get enough (Get enough, oh)
Yeah, I can't get enough (Get enough, oh)

When you pull up on me, I don't think you say enough (Enough)
When you think about me, do you think 'bout givin' up? (Givin' up)
Oh-oh-oh-oh, show you a finer life (Yeah)
Oh-oh-oh-oh, this can't be our last night
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