Lil Mosey

"Mi Bebe"

Kim J ballin' on these hoes
I love you, Consent

Uh, wait on me, wait on me, wait
Uh, hey mami, hey mami, hey
She gon' lay on me, stay on me, stay
Uh, pour me and [?]
Hey mami, hey mami, hey
Said, "That's mi own bebé"
To the stars, yeah, we can go away
Oh, with me, don't look at me afraid

We go out and flex on everybody
Put Dior on your body
It's a brand new Maserati
Only fits us, nobody else
She racks too, just by herself
Body look good, it fits well
Said, "It's more fun with no seat belt"
We goin', uh, she said we only goin' up
Favorite champagne, it's Moët, uh
Finna set the mood, get goin', uh
Think she is my potion, uh
We goin' somewhere, it snow or somethin'
Her love is so potent, uh
Couldn't see me, you broken up
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