Paramount Freestyle lyrics


Lil Mosey

Yeah, Aye

Lean, n*gga i need all that
Run up on me n*gga put your sh*t back
Walk up on you [?] fit w that
Bad lil b*tch big ass all that
Bussin make a [?] I need a iphone
n*gga all this money I'm gon f*ckin die for
Flying diffrent city n*gga, diffrent time zone
Big moves-big bands on my mind though
Im a no heart havin that lil ass n*gga
Cold heart, six figures havin ass n*gga
Never hit a lick but i'll [?] up with you
n*gga on my ass steady askin for a picture
Aye b*tch, what is you saying ?
Flying till japan, b*tch i need a hundred band
She gone after the clip, that b*tch never again
Finna stay rich and that's till the end
Bands bands in my hand, grands rubberwoods touch my hand
Double xl, n*gga f*ck what he sayin
Damn, n*gga i was on the xan
Ooh ballin like the [?]
Ooh yeah pull up on you leave you missing
b*tch, you ain't one of my b*tches
[?] ain't nun of your business
[?] and she walk the wrong way
Aye gas i'm smoking all day
Got a habit, can you walk out my way
Lil [?] think I'm broke no way
I'm sipping high tech, i got your b*tch wet
Spent like 4 grands on my neck
Six bands double up lil [?]
Keep three stacks right next to me
Bro just caught a body, ain't sh*t to see
Bring that ass right to me
I've just [?] all but its [?] me
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