Defiance lyrics



[Verse 1]
There's F's on the windows, F's on the walls
There's F's on the ceiling, an F in the hall
Concrete's a gallery, paint everywhere
Pictures of insolence framing the stairs
There's F's in the ladie's, an' F's in the gent's
Defiance, defiance

[Verse 2]
I got an F for givin' 'em too much lip
Got an F for being tragically hip
Got an F for squanderin' all them golden years
But why would I wanna be engineered?
I got an F for loiterin' with no attempt
Defiance, defiance
Defiance, defiance

[Verse 3]
Too many winters of discontent
Took no advice, gave no consent
Defiance, defiance

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 4]
I got an F for acting just a little hostile
Got an F for music, and an F for style
Got an F for being what I wasn't meant to be
I could have majored in reverse psychology
I guess I was guilty of innocence
Defiance, defiance
Defiance, defiance
I'm still flyin' by the seat of my pants, yeah
I'm still frolickin' with all the young dudes
Defiance, attitude
Defiance, defiance
Yeah, me and the world ain't on speaking terms
Defiance, defiance
Defiance, there's a slow burn
Defiance, defiance
When the whole world's pulling ya apart at the seams
Defiance, defiance
Defiance, defending a dream
Defending a dream
Defending a dream
Defending a dream
Defending a dream
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