f*ck a rap battle, I'm past n*ggas
I'm thinkin' 'bout the future, I predict that I'm finna slap n*ggas (I love you, AK)
It can't be no one hunnid, all I see a bunch of wack n*ggas
Like 10K, just hit my bank account, I'm still a sad n*gga
But try me like a pushover, the button I'ma push over and over like two loops in a rollercoaster, it's goin' down
Don't no one know, but I'm with the mafia like the Cosa Nostra
b*tches on my di*k just like Rosa Acosta blowin' coca
f*ck these lil' boys, no Diddy, and no Jeffery
Don't no one tell the truth, it's the only thing that was left for me
From where I stand they lookin' like ants, but they can't even pester me
This sh*t gon' cost a arm and a leg to leave me a legacy
These n*ggas sellin' sex to the kids, f*ckin' weirdos
It still should be assault 'cause they penetrating the earlobes
I'm tryna motivate 'em to learn to think for theyself 'cause everybody been tellin' 'em health is the way to wealth
And that sh*t just don't work, spend the time alone, do the homework
Had to learn to put that sh*t on silent when the phone chirp
Everything ain't worth it, so you gotta find yo' own worth
'Cause growin' up is learning what's the best for you is gon' hurt
Self pity, b*tches onlyfans, yeah, they sell titties
If you sell yourself, you won't never find yourself with me
Yeah, I got high standards, I'm a muthaf*ckin' hypocrite
And this the same di*k I use to p*ss and f*ck b*tches with
I got a headache, I need to get some head now, you get that?
sh*t after I get that, I be headin' out
'Cause it don't make no sense to be dry, but you got a wet mouth
And by the time lil' baby step up, I be done stepped out
Ain't these other n*ggas just tellin' you what the stress 'bout
I came a long way from askin' a b*tch "What the neck 'bout?"
Then I got a mama, so I need to watch my own mouth
Them shoes used to be the perfect fit, but I done grown out
[Instrumental Outro]
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