From snippet:

Hop in a rang or hop in a Charger
Chopper shoot like a starter
Aye, aye, aye, aye huh

Aye, Clip eat a n*gga like ooouuu
Clip eat a n*gga like food
Clip eat a n*gga so rude
Wanna be G, but he don't know the rules
Wanna be gang, but you don't fit them shoes
Trying to toke flame, but he ain't a real goon
Aye, he ain't got nothing to lose
Posted up like it ain't nothing to do
Hop in a rang or hop in a Charger
Shoot with the chopper I shoot like a starter
Have a little four follow you like a stalker
We don't do drive-bys no more, just do walk-ups
I found my drip, yeah I found my water
She found di*k, she think she found her father
She give me brain like she go to Harvard
He think he vain, but b*tch I go harder

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