Ay what the f*ck I'm supposed to do when n*ggas calling me for help?
Y'all ain't got no therapist, he just be talking to himself
Just stay thinking positive and I stay hoping all this wealth
I be thinking 'bout this sh*t when I be smoking by myself

But when I'm around the people I still be inside of my head
Once I see a crowd of people all I seem to see is red
When you look inside my face all I seem to be is dead
All my inner senses gone from all the blood that I done shed

Looking like a demon off this pill, but I believе in Jesus
Looking like a n*gga walked through hеll, but I'm just leaving image
Imma do the skid then hop back in, tell bro just leave it runnin'
That b*tch left her address in my DM's I ain't even comin'

50 shots, up 2 extendos, leave at least a hunnid
He gon leave the bullet hole in his sh*t trynna leave or somethin
He gon die protecting someone else, def, he gon bleed for nothing
Imma make one call - if he pick up - that sh*t gon end discussion

And that ain't your blick, let me show you how to shoot that sh*t:
Click, the head, and put your enemy of top of it
The shooter aim's on point he be on top of sh*t
Stand over the top of him and pop his sh*t
After he was poppin' sh*t
That boy on the internet he @-ing n*ggas he don't even know
He talking crazy on my phone, but he don't know we at his show
He set us up, he set us stuck, we got the load and we got low
I had a dream I caught 2 bodies and I got away with both

If he snitchin' f*ck his life I'm acting racist to that type
I get persuasive with that pipe, convince that boy he need his life
I got that burner on my hip, I up that flame and I ignite
I spent more money on this gun than you got on, boy, f*ck a fight

He was dancing with the devil now he's turning in his grave
When you run from me, you runnin' from the monster that you made
Very lil' that you can do, but there ain't nun that you could say
A big AR, he running far, I'm pullin' cards, we playing spades

He gon give me what's upon him, I'm gon take it if I want it
I got killers put 'em on him if he trynna be my opponent
Let that choppa suit him up, he hit his head, he look like Conan
I've seen some sh*t that turn a lil' boy to a demon {?}

Ride with that stick, like I'm handicapped, I gotta lean
If I'm hitting line in this b*tch, f*ck security, we got 'em in
Another check just hit, we goin shoppin' in
Buy my b*tch some lingerie to model in
I keep my feelings bottled in
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