Listen, them bullets ain't make it to heaven but you will
Say "What's up?" to your cousin, lil' b*tch
sh*t that you puttin' out ain't really do well
And she really just making me rich
I'ma be chillin', the money just came in the mail
How in the f*ck do we fail?
I got some people that's puttin' it straight to the bail
I put the sh*t on the scale
Paid sh*t, I don't break sh*t, ain't no vacation, I played sh*t
Made the b*tch split what's her location, we all lit
Turn the f*cking building out and sell it, uh
I don't think he really f*cking get it, uh, yeah, yeah
I ain't really wanna pass the b*tch
I ain't need it, you could have the b*tch
I ain't really wanna act straight like it's all straight on the passive sh*t
Outside on that active sh*t
Outside, let him drop the clip
Green light, get him back, b*tch
Black nails like I'm that b*tch, yeah
I don't know the kid, he on the pavement, uh
I been workin' this sh*t out the basement, uh
Only ever stress about the payment, uh
Only time I'm ever losing patience
With your hands out
Like I could give a f*ck about the billion plans now
Like anybody wanted you to drop what you had now
You prolly need to take a f*cking minute and back out
pus*y, look at who's back now, hah, yeah
I doubt that you wanted this
Way that you been working, it don't feel like you a part of this, yeah
Look who f*cking got it, b*tch
I just take the thousand of the top and f*cking spend it, b*tch
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