Tigaro, you-

[Verse 1: ICØNS]
b*tch, Imma slit your throat
Got em' guns but I like to tote
Pass that blunt lemme get that toke
f*cked your b*tch, and I left her soaked
Hey, run that sh*t yeah, give me your bag
Suck my di*k yeah, place-man-tag
Tuck my gun yeah, it never sagged
Why you stutter, that's a real life lag yeah
Aye, aye, aye
Get the bag up, get the bag up
Aye, aye, aye
Get your ass up, get your ass up
We always been riding in the back, so we fiddling their seat
It's funny we haven't seen the sun yet
Check them up, we ain't talking about ball
Runnin' this sh*t, Imma tell them they'll fall, aye
Twitter gon' f*cked up your brain, you lookin' dumb, you lookin' drained
Now mind your b*tch, I'm getting gains
f*ck you b*tch, your life is in vain

[Bridge: ICØNS]
f*ck you, b*tch
f*ck you, b*tch
f*ck you, b*tch
Yeah, f*ck you, b*tch
f*ck you, b*tch
f*ck you, b*tch
f*ck you, b*tch
Yeah, f*ck you, b*tch
Tigaro, you-
[Verse 2: BLCKK]
Yeah, I'm in the back of the whip, yeah
Passed out, real sh*t, yeah
Get a f*ckin' head split, yeah'
I don't talk real sh*t, yeah'
I've been waiting, Imma quit, yeah'
Only ever tryna hit, yeah'
I ain't friends with the b*tch, yeah'
Yeah, yeah
Dated back, pus*y on track, I don't need to pack
Only ever gettin' round' tour if there is money stacked
Came with it, Imma' stay with it, yall' f*cked up
Act different when the b*tch wit' em, yeah, f*ck them
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