"Chanell west coast"

Cashed Cobras production little ho, eat my pus*y
(Yuh, yuh, yuh
Shoutout cash cobras man shoutout Icytrap bruh
Ayy what up man
Yuh, yuh)
[?] smoking loud, smokin' on the best dope
Smoking all medicinal, knew it from the west coast
Yellowbone b*tch look like Chanel West Coast
But she on that white girl, that Chanel West Coast

[?] give a n*gga brain, got it [?]
And I never dissipate, always doing what she told
Like I'm playin' Texas Hold Em, [?]
Shawty let me pokerface, yeah that b*tch she give me dome
Roll another Chevy up, just to get me in my zone
Takin' LSD steps I'm watchin [?]
Third eye like [?] big boss, CEO
On my CEO sh*t you squarer than a cubicle
Thinkin' she a bad b*tch, she another lame hoe
f*ckin' wit a goofy n*gga call that b*tch [?]
In the function with my cobras, on that icky icky dope (Ssss)
Like a spider web wearin' all black like widows
And I can't trust ho's, get that from the get-go (Swish)
I'm not sayin' [?] pull up smokin' all [?]
Absorb a n*gga's soul [?] kush smoke (Ssss)
Told that b*tch to suck me up, [?] like mosquitoes
I don't really trust n*ggas, I just [?] dolo
Horseshoes n*ggas love to hate, [?] racks on hoes
Poppin' beans, smokin' dope, I feel so evil (Swish)
All hail king cobra b*tch I'm sittin' on the throne
Sneak dissin' king cobra b*tch, that's a no-no (No, no, no)
b*tch n*gga hidin', tried to crack his damn skull (Yuh)
Smoking [?] b*tch, keep a n*gga in the zone (Sssss)
Ride around on a flat, don't know how he made it home!
You a stuck up b*tch, and I'm a as*h*le
But you want my di*k 'cause I got [?] and tennis racks hoe (Swish)
Watch me shuv-it in her stomach like I'm on a skateboard (Skrrt)
Slam dunk in that pus*y then I broke the backboard (Swish)
b*tch I'm balling like I'm Kobe baby love the way I ball (Swish)
You can call me Danny Phantom runnin' through a b*tch walls (Yuh)
b*tch I stayed on the line, then ignored all her calls
Keep that b*tch on all fours, on her paws like a dog, b*tch (Swag)
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