[Intro: Diamondsonmydi*k]
Yuh, yuh, ayy (Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew)
RCB b*tch (b*tch)
Yuh (Reptilian Club Boyz b*tch) Huh?
Yuh, yuh

[Verse 1: Diamondsonmydi*k]
Jugg (Jugg) Finesse (Finesse) These b*tches (Yuh) Too extra (Huh?)
I pulled up (b*tch) that Tesla (Skeet, skeet)
Too juiced, too flexed up (Yuh)
Nyoom (Nyoom) Catch up (What?) Jugg (Hohh) Finesse (Hohh)
These n*ggas, know better (What) These b*tches (What) Know better (Yuh)
f*ck 'round, get cheddar (Okay)
I get it (Bih) I flexed up, I flexed up, too juiced (Yuh)
Yo b*tch, want True's (b*tch)
I came, [?] (Yuh) Goddamn, counting blue strips (Blue)
f*cking yo main b*tch, damn (Bih) f*cking wit the lames, switch, damn
n*ggas quick to switch, damn (Huh) [?] his ass in the pit, damn (Yuh)
[?] (Yuh) Drip, damn (Yuh)
n*gga I got drip (Drip) Drip (Whew) Uh, drip, uh (Whew)
b*tch on my di*k (Whew) Uh, damn (Whew) [?] (Ski)
Sliding wit my clique (Yuh) RCB, gang sh*t (Gang) Reptilian Club Boyz b*tch
Pull up to the club, casting spells on yo b*tch, damn (Hohh)
I could pipe [?] pipe gang [?] sh*t (Ayy)
Pull up wit a (b*tch) she from L.A., [?]
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