Tommy Wright III

"Loosin My Mind"

[Verse 1: Lil Ramsey]
I´m the lunatic the killer
Dumping bodies making hella stain
All about my pimpin whippin b*tches
Gang to shoot that thang
Hope a n*gga try me that´s gon´ make a player show my head
Jealous punk time n*gga got some to say
Pack a n*gga [?] off the black
Slugs from the 30-30 leak you b*tches bodies now
n*ggas talking sh*t like they wanna come and get you some
I ain´t got no love for them shaky b*tches that test my pimpin
Slippin drippin c*ck the Glock and execute a f*cking livin
The lunatic psychopathic night walking mad man
The villain from Magnolia is just too thick to member that ruthless clan
[?] on my mind that distract me
I´m sitting in a deep sweat
Thinking and I´m lost in reality
Trying to get a grip or still I´m changing with a quick click
Mutually insane having visions of a bloody b*tch
Down with Magnolia trick
A n*gga is staying true and hard
Never cross the crime click or promise that be gon´ I [?]
I still remember time black and [?] waking up in blood
Having nightmares chilling with the devil smoking bud
This sh*t is getting realistic
I can´t take it thinking I´m loosing my mind
These dreams never change
It´s the same one every time
I´m afraid to go to sleep
I keep on seeing the demon bloody eyes
Watching over a player hoping I slip and I don´t stay alive
See that´s the sh*t that troubles me
Keeps a n*gga on the edge
Wanna fear the clip
c*ck the Glock and put it to my head
But still I hold it back and turn the suicide into a creep
See that´s the type of problem on mind that distract me

[Outro: Sample ?]

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