Shaggy Rap lyrics



Big Shaggy, big baggy
T had these lackeys at me
Like I ain't the most powerful being
Even just spitting on the verse makes steam
King of the paper, only rock green
Money, everything else is obscene
Twenty four's on the Mystery Machine
And tipsy from lean and V's codeine
Scooby in the back with some Scoony snacks
I looked back like: "Man, where the Dubie's at?"
Daphne snapped back like: "Dude, rеlax
You done had three bags like, cool your slacks"
Then I said: "Daphnе, shut your mouth
Or I'll knock Fred out, say something, shout!"
Fred looked back like: "I don't want beef
I just want to solve crimes and some mysteries, please!"
We roll up to the first house
Go to the step, and a dude burst out
And he started muttering: "This isn't going work out
There's a dude killing everybody, put in work now!"
I walked up swag, no gimmick
Said: "I'mma count to three and go in it
Anybody left in here will get finished
Try me when I'm one percent of my limits"
Then I saw a man in a Jason mask
He looked at me, laughed, starting pacing fast
Like: "You're the one they sent to stop me, really?"
I said: "If you're feeling Froggy, then Lilly"
He ran at me with a blade, and he swung
Hit me in the chest, and it broken once
This is when he realized he messed up
And I swung real hard with an uppercut
Knocked his head, clean off
Then I turned around and said: "We off"
Hit me with a Venmo, then I saw my phone
And saw another request to defend a home
We hopped in the van ran up
Then I saw a purple man stand up
He said: "I'm Jiren, ain't nobody messing with me
Especially with a wack goatee"
Then I snapped: "You want to run that back?
Wack goatee shouldn't have done that"
Then the anger creeped inside
And with that power level start to rise
I felt it jump up to eight percent
Then every step I took, it would make a dent
Earthquakes, when I moved it, would blaze the trail
And the news said ten on the Richter Scale
But I couldn't calm down, and I just kept climbing
Ten percent, fifteen, I'm trying
Then I said: "Sorry, I should've laid low"
Then I said: "Sorry, it's too late, bro"
By this time breath would form tornados
And I hit him with it, ground was now volcanos
And I hid him in it, burn them out, so they know
Anybody coming at me, gets a halo
Then he made like one last effort
Didn't realize it was his last ever
Saw a hand shoot out, hit me in a jaw
A single drop of blood fell, and he saw
I laughed it off, and repaid in kind
One shot, two shots, whoops, broke your spine
Then I c*cked back with a manly voice
At that point, all anybody heard was: "Zoinks!"
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