Fairy Tail Guild Rap Cypher [Remix] lyrics



[Verse 1: Natsu (None Like Joshua)]
It's Natsu, dragging anybody till they kneel
You gon feel the burn so bad that your magic won't even heal
Pull the metal out? Man, you cannot be for real
Got a fireball for anyone thinking they got balls of steel
Did you get that? I just ate some lightning, then you get zapped
Mages want to carry me, but I'm already sick
See the fist of flame, trust that you don't want the impact
Hear my fire dragon roar, now you call it lit rap
I don't care, I'll burn your house down till it disappeared
Open up the door and say: "Damn, is it hot in here"
Or is it just me? Unafraid of enemies
But I would never go near Erza when shе's on a murder spree
Know the Guild, or get shouldеred with the logo
Colder than it coming from Gray, that's my bromo
Lucy by my side, unlocking my full power
Call it Dragon Force, couldn't even keep up with me solo

[Verse 2: Happy (Freeced)]
Nya nya, you might think I'm barely on the scene
But everybody knows who's carrying the team
I've been ferrying that there embarassment upon my wings
And if you're dragon it out of me, then I'm more scary than I seem
Call me furry tail, call me blue, I ain't the worst off
Call me anytime if you a cutie and your fur soft
Take you to your first stop, take our shirts off
If you got some vertigo, then try to curb it when the earth rocks
I can be your devil or your aircraft
I'm a blue angel with no airbags, that's a fair facts
Show me where the flare's at, I can get you there fast
Only time I take a seat is when I beat a Chair's ass
Hypocrites diss the kitty sh*t that I've been doing
I really hate to break it to you, but you might be stupid
What would life be like without pus*y in the posse
I got all the paws I need, so don't pause me
[Verse 3: Lucy (Sailorurlove)]
Dreams that I was chasing
Got what I wanted, no complaining
Yeah, I chose this, I'm devoted
Gonna show them
That I'm more than just a pretty face
Just let me whip them into shape
Keys on my hip, you can't escape
No I won't blow it, I won't blow it
Key to your heart ain't the only one I'm holdin'
Got it locked down, yeah this gates about to open
Hope you're ready cause my spirits going all in
Bout to leave you broken, might have your heart stolen
Cause I'm f*cking adorable
Made in disguist, but I can do more than just
Wind up the guys, got powerful friends
With a turn of a key, they'll be by my side

[Verse 4: Gray (Zach B)]
When they tried to bring heat to a beast, I was stronger
You lack speed when I freeze, you're a goner
They try to beat me, but they flee, couldn't bother
'Cause I'm a monster with little bit to no honor
I slaughter and I'm down, but I'm still in, I could be a villain
Always tend to do things I'd almost never be willing
Don't mean to come across so cold, see I was different
You lost a couple of friends, well I lost my entire village
Fight me, but stay cautious
When I unleashed leaves the whole room frosted
And when they've got me, don't believe that we've lost yet
They see I'm not weak, nah, they cannot stop this and that's a promise
Couldn't interrupt us, much as they want to
Never gonna give in even if I know I've got to
Cause they will know I'm in it, to be winning, this a lot
And I'll be fixing the name, Team Gray, f*ck Natsu
[Verse 5: Juvia (Twisted Savvy)]
Phantom Lord, upgrade now a Fairy Tail
And if you lookin' at my Gray you'll be reading braille
Yandere, water make, I don't need bail
Feelings ain't fake, movin' up that power scale
Part of me missing, I'm living in a cloudburst
Sacrificing all I got cause I'm putting him first
Putting in work, giving in to my thirst
Turning drip to a slicer, b*tches gon' hurt
Unison raid, we takin' out the fakes
Riding shotgun, take cover, take aim
No shame for these mages that wanna play
You better think twice before speaking on my name
If I'm acting up give me that punishment
And are you down to f*ck cause I'mma keep a wet
Baby grab the cuffs, I can be your pet
And I'll be the most loyal girl you ever met

[Verse 6: Gajeel (Darnell Bradley)]
You coming at the Guild, little n*gga, that's a deathwish
You don't wanna box cause these squares will get checked quick
Iron Dragon lance give us the same setting
When I make you bite the steel and fire in yo belly
Ask Rogue, bent over, ass whooped in a battle
Take me Fifty Shades of Grey to be stuck in anyones shadow
My powers a colosses dude and your fire powers lacking
When they meet the Metal Dragon, now them n*ggas metal dragging
The steel make y'all stop, ain't worth dying y'all
I leave their jaw dropped when it's cracked with iron bars
But when you ride out beware the cab you in
Metalic all black with the shadow trim
Iron explode on a god, now you preying to a Phantom Lord
When the shrapnel leave him twisted like Iron Dragon roar
Ask Levy what it do with the iron rod
This Fairy Tail don't f*ck with the squad
[Verse 7: Panther Lily (Politicess)]
They be acting up
Watch me shift the mode and make the battle tough
You moving like Kinana, but that sh*t ain't even rattle us
Master with the metal, I cast it into your temple, then I stand over your body like what, have you had enough
Next time pick someone that is your own size
Treat you like the Guild, you'll see points when the bird fly
b*tch, I be a specialist, I could do this with closed eyes
Flick of the wrist, let you know when it's show time
Wait, hold up, what do you stand for
This metal got extendos like the way that I transform
They only seeing red when I whip out the damn sword
No matter where you go for the green, I'ma crash course
They ask me what my weapon do, it sends you to your funeral
If I pull the metal I'll turn this sh*t to a musical
Leave you boxed up like you worked at a cubicle
Cash in the quest, you know the usual

[Verse 8: Levy (Knight of Breath)]
Levy's turn, I got a way with words
Power of the storm make a Levee burst
Don't get me stirred a girl
That goes off if you let her, with the weather in my letters make a deadly surge
You don't get it? Let me spell it out for you
Magic with the pen and my reading's gale force too
Soar through, so just gimme the signal
I'll be there with a whole list full of runes, simple
Got a good heart and you know I'm book smart
Only let Gajeel hit it cause he always looks sharp
Walking dictionary, my vocabulary's off charts
Strong language lines bite like dog barks
Flipt the script and you'll be ripped to bits
You gon' miss this, I'm mystic with glyphs I spit
Translator with the different ancient scriptures
Spray one thousand words and I'll paint a picture

[Verse 9: Wendy (HalaCG)]
I got small fists and I use em to fight, shy with a twist to assist with what's right
Support magics packing a punch in the grand games and changed drastic with moves from the sky
Deep breath, taste the air, I know when it'll pour, raining claw down on you, our Guild is more
I can be kind and a Klutz and seem tiny until I'm unleashing the Sky Dragon's roar
Body swap like it's nothing
Twelve year old I'mma be something
Pool of potential, I'm blushing
Loving my friends like a family and one thing
That I won't let em forget is that if they are hurt
I will be there at their side, healing first
No won't let em die cause they exceed this earth
Land some of your hits on me and I'll back a burst

[Verse 10: Carla (Outcast Rae)]
Cat got ya tongue
Looking for who makes you happy, then I'm not the one
If you need to be snappy, then I got it done
Cute and small, but I'm scrappy, you can spot it hun
Transformational powers, I do as I please
You barely a challenge, ya crew is in need
I know ya next move take the chance, you can plead
Or bow at my feet as I strive and exceed
I am not a child
You won't like it if I'm riled
Not too excited, I be mild
But in a battle I get wild
Cause I am on the prowl uh
That is how I style uh
Don't ask to show a smile
Need some tea, I want it, neow

[Verse 11: Laxus (IAMCHRISCRAIG)]
If you smell what I'm cooking, don't you step to my clan
Everybody knows that I'm the most electrifying man
The people's champion bringing power throughout the land
That will lay the smacketh down upon all of your candy yams
An avenger, you getting what you asking for
Mjolnir, why a peasant trying to match with Thor?
When I up arms there won't be a back and forth
Cause everybody catching static when my Dragon roar
Anything that you can do, I can do effortless, I could be the number one man in your regimen
All of your kings you serve can get dethroned, they a clone of my shadow like Mephiles
Come and take a step into my thunder palace, I will be the one to truly let you in
If we hopping into battle let's rock and roll, but I'm sure that you know that the best would win

[Verse 12: Bickslow (Jay Music)]
Stepping up to me, get a taste of the Guild
Victory is too sweet, now I'm hungry for real
Now you mess with my team, know we come with a deal
You looking quite winded cause of a four dollar meal
Look, I got my babies with me, they woke up and chose violence
Can't help it cause a monster's soul is inside of them
Fairy Tail is the truth, the opps, you can lie with them
Boy, I'm trigger Happy, don't you know I'm too fly for them
Yeah, I'm too fly with it, point up to the sky with it
Try to ride the wave, so they dive in it
Time to change the tides as we rise with it
Try to take control like we fine with it, look into my iris
Look at who you fighting, now you can't see me
Cause now they frightened, a big show, knowing you can't beat me
They look excited, crumble or I fire a big beam
Quite shocking, mask off, it's always a big scene

[Verse 13: Freed (TheGoldenEMP)]
Call you blue Pegasus - now manage cause I'm over it
This is real magic, pure damage, no clovers, kid
Run in different sets to check if they were running it
Everywhere I go they're upset with how I'm sonning it
Ain't number one? Well that's what who said?
Now was it you yeah? Mans still upset cause I abused it?
Hit you with some magic that I haven't even used yet
The magic that I carry packs, more hammers than a tool shed
Thunder on god, tribe run it
Straight to the top like eyes on it
Absolute shadow - how I fight - Onyx
Runic letter words - so you better get the hearse, I know
I swear on god I'll make my stand
When I treat you like the clique, quick flick with the back of my hand, yeah

[Verse 14: Evergreen (DA-WOLF)]
Full of pride, I entrance with every stride, if I catch, you mean mugging, I'ma hit em with the stone eye
I can't help, how I glide, leave em all seeing double, but I'm the one with the four eyes
Swift tongue, I ain't gotta tell you no lies, every word spoken got a dab enchantment
While the rest of you dabbling, yeah I'm busy, just casting and I might say damn, man, I'm looking fantastic
Don't take the view for granted, just one glance
Leave you petrified like some beautiful granite
Baby, I got the magic, got bombs for the might
Don't let me ignite, have your full body take flight
It's a Fairy Bonanza leave em shook like a dancer
And the pen so light, I could rewrite it twice til I Freed up the stanzas, nah, that's an enhancment, ha

[Verse 15: Mirajane (FrivolousShara)]
Mira, Mira, look Dejarlos Chicos shook
Not just a model of good nature, I model looks
Was on the wings of rebellion, now I fly high
Like Mary Jane, but my speed in the sky high (is unmatched)
When I dispatch dark prowess, do I suppress?
Or let you ingest, dark needs light, but I deflect
Need to come correct, this a takeover
Death can change your life and make you makeover
Oh, look at the clock, demon time, souls unlocked, these are mine
God can't shield you from this heathen or this blood line
A devil's advocate, transform to do my bidding
A Satan's soul, think I'll play fair? You must be kidding
I'm your true Majin "Boo"
Material? Waifu, I'm always next to you
Mess with my family or friends, you can try
But I'm their protector, so you can come and die

[Verse 16: Elfman (Diggz Da Prophecy)]
I hope you ready for the take over, I'm going ape, told ya
Motherf*ckers out here getting chipped like we play poker
f*ck with my MJ? You better remain sober
She got a prob, send em high to the gate owner
You talk like you tough, I don't give a damn
I'm well suited for this, it's just business, fam
Got a beast in my soul, I'm the biggest man
Ain't no tipping the scale, I'm the lizard, man
Got a prob let me give you a hand
Just bear with me, it's all in the plan
Better chill when you talk to this man
And I'm armed to the teeth for protecting the fam
Evergreen make me hard, from her looks, she
Got that body, I'm probably just hooked, see
Wanna slide all inside of her nookie
I'm Keebler, the Elf and my snack be her cookie

[Verse 17: Gildarts (Daddyphatsnaps)]
Ring the alarm, your boy is back
I been laying out chicks, they enjoy the sack
And I ain't talking Burlap, I enjoy the snack
It's been a hundred years, came to destroy the rap
And then I'm out, I've never been a tied down guy
Got so many hoes do you wanna find out why
Really they pushing me to run the Guild
I'm like how I'm gonna run it when I love the thrill
I just want to run free, put my hands on something
One day faces, next day rumps and
How you gonna take that live for the rush
Call the spell, big pun, why all I do's crush
When I walk through a building or run through your chick
All I need is one punch cause they all get licked
I'll be gone another hundred, what I call this trip?
Too strong for the plot, so you all get whipped

[Verse 18: Cana (V!CE)]
Alborna, you don't know the cards that I'd be throwing at ya
Magic, I can take it on a glass, nah, gallon, out yo league, yuh
S-class, woman wall, prayers fountain, curves and all
Call card, nah, hold on, I'm more sane with my alcohol, uh
Deceptive, got si-kee, Fairy glitter overloading
Mage mindset, have you seen? f*ck with snakes, not scorpios, see
It's in my fingertips celestial banishment
Buy me a drink, no, f*ck that sh*t, lady like do f*ck with it! Nah

[Verse 19: Erza (Chi-Chi)]
Raise your blades and spirits high, I'm your armor
Hear the sound of freedom cry, I won't falter
In the dark I'll be your knight, on my honor
Take a stand and join the fight, I'll free you and you'll see the light
Suit up, walking in titania
Got a million weapons, but I don't need that to maim ya
Cause I got the drip, I'll re-equip while taking hits
You never faced a mage like this
I'm holding up the Guild with my plackart
But I gonna make it through with a clear heart
And you best believe that I won't leave, the master sees
You ain't got no chance when you deal with me

[Verse 20: Mystogan (Jamar Rose)]
Uh, yeah, I'm the original
Ain't no Fairy Tail, when I'm stepping on the scene, it's critical
When I enter the building the magic got em sleep huh?
Five staffs on me, but the sixth one got the beam huh?
Scarf and cloak, the holy magic might hit the pope
The different dimension where I'm from, we don't joke
Tattoos under my eye for the bodies I took
Black Clover with the magic, but don't play by the book
Been to multiple worlds with a mission in mind
Taking out the most powerful that's messing with mine
Known as the king, S-class, who all, my son
Mist all over my body, that's the smoke from the gun
Thought you was aiming at me? Well I'm shooting it back
Mirror attacks are aiming with a sideways mac
Different dimesnsions, I open up the sky, then it crack
Thought I died back then, but the boy come back

[Verse 21: Mavis (Cami-Cat)]
Co-founder of the Guild, I stand the OG
Vermillion brilliant from head to feet
I don't require any Stones of Infinity
I'm so powerful, I break my own reality
Snap! Physic petite, but I ain't Meek
Already schemed fifty unique strategies
Refuse to face defeat, only see victory
I'll make the law bend to me whatever curse it brings
Don't take Naivete for ignorance
I know the price, I paid my innocence
So many lives laid down in my service
Though they may go, I will fight on with a vengeance
Fate said I'd fall follow fortune of Icarus
But I came back fierce, like a Phoenix I'm vigorous
Seeing is believing, I'm a master of deceiving
No force you find to fight Fairy Tail, can deter us!

[Verse 22: Makarov (GameboyJones)]
OK, you messing with my Guild, then you messing with the baddest
You about to get blitzed, I ain't talking bout no Madden
Did you hear my grandson, he already wants the static
We could probably take you out without even using magic
Hit you with the smack down cause we been to raw
You'll get smoked if you roll up we will end you dog
Cause we the top of the food chain, rose to the apex
Been going in like cassettes in a tape deck
I've been keeping this Guild going for years, this my family, you don't want to step inside our household
If you looking for the strongest, I am here, I will light you up, that'll have you fading like an outro
I won't let you be my Dave to Goliath, you ain't sh*t when you facing a giant
Fairy Tail, I'mma rep it the best, peep the crest on my chest till the day I am dying!
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