Joey Trap

"Sesame Street"

[Intro: Joey Trap]
Hehe, hehe, ooh, let me (Lucid)
Ayy, ooh, ayy

[Verse 1: Joey Trap & Comethazine]
Run that bih up like a track meet, mmm
Run that bih up like a track meet, mmm
Gimme the pack and I might tax that
She gotta fatty, I might tap that
Gimme your addy, we pullin' up to your pad
And then we gon’ pull out the rattle and go click-clack, ooh
I ride that bih like a boat with a sail on it
She suck my di*k, then I bail on her
I got a pack in the box that says mail on it
Open it up and then sell it all
I'm from the street, man, I feel like Sesame, uh
All of these thotties, they wanna have sex with me, uh
Whip it and flip it, I know the recipe, remember me
Y'all n*ggas been sleeping and now you texting me, mmm
She ride my di*k like a skateboard, ew
I get the bop, I don’t date whores, ew
I gave her Xanax, she might deep throat
I got my tool straight from Home Depot, chyeah
Lit pimpin', wrist pimpin', whip pimpin', sh*t, okay
p*ss on my wrist, yellow diamonds, yeah they sick, okay
(Ayy, ayy, yuh, ayy, ayy, yuh)

[Verse 2: Comethazine]
40 round drum, get him gone, ayy (Okay)
Aim it at f*ck n*gga dome, ayy (Okay)
Run through his crib when there's nobody home
And then take everything that he own, ayy
My n*ggas got all them poles, ayy (Yeah)
30 round drum at your nose, ayy (Okay)
n*ggas, they don't want no beef (Yeah)
She wanna f*ck me 'cause my teeth are golden
Talk all that sh*t, what you mean? It's over
I can not smoke regular weed, it’s OG
I’m on a kill streak, oh no, ayy (What?)
Uzi clip right at yo' nose, ayy (What?)
Ride with the choppa, I might blow, ayy (Okay)
Free X, n*gga, free vro, ayy (What?)
My n*ggas runnin’ with them poles, ayy
I ball on n*ggas like D. Rose, ayy

[Outro: Comethazine]
Ayy, yeah, I smoke that boof with my vro, ayy
Vro, vro, I smoke that boof with my vro, ayy
Ayy, yuh

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