Joey Trap

"HNHH Freestyle"

We in New York, you heard
Look, b*tch, Trap

I don't really got not time, so I don't check on b*tches
I check lil' b*tches, but never gon' have no check for b*tches
I flex so vicious, my neck is shinin' like lights on Christmas
Hi-tech I'm sippin', I'm kiddin', it's only activist, sh*t
An activist, but sh*t, after this I'ma smack more b*tches
Eleven n*ggas in here with some Mac-11's spittin'
Glowed up for my old self
Long way from Picasso
Long way, sippin' down town New York City and SoHo
Wrong way, hit the Bronx fast, now there's red all on my old ho's
New whip, got a new phone, kept gettin' calls from my old ho's
Look, ayy, look
Joey be killin' beats, it ain't no problem
I got like a .30 clip inside my pocket
A n*gga be talkin' sh*t, then I'ma rob 'em
They say that I copy n*ggas, but they wildin'
I feel like I'm Obi Juan, a n*gga chosen
Now I'm like Anakin, a n*gga frozen
Frozen, like a mannequin, you n*ggas know what it is
God, Trap, Killin', Rap
All my n*ggas with it, we gon' hit yo' back
We gon' hit yo' eyes, we gon' go to- (Haha)

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