Joey Trap

"What I Do (XXL Freestyle)"

Feelin' like I hopped out a plane and back flipped up out a dragons mouth
King up in my city, all the clouds is like the captains now
And all the crowds is takin' pictures, what's the caption 'bout?
"Joey Trap is hard as f*ck" or "Joey Trap is trash with clout"
A thousand n*ggas could tell me that I'm the greatest
But in my consciousness, I still focus more on the haters
Gotta get past these n*ggas who mad as f*ck because I'm successful
'Cause where I'm at is up, but still ain't even reached potential
I'm reaching heights you can't get ’less you sky dive out a plane that can fly high
Once it's highest, then keep risin'
And my brain on pacific time but still yellin' out "East Side" 'cause it's New York where I was raised at
My n*gga June just bought a Maybach
He 18, that gold on me like Mr. T
We a team, and damn, I pity fools
Damn, my city snooze, I swear they sleepin' on me
Damn, that sh*tty news
I'm litty with my blues
No, I'm not gay, but I swear I love my Benjamins
No bank account, I took a couple out the closet, the rest for the deposit
The rest is 'cause I'm thrivin'
The rest is 'cause I'm poppin'
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