Joey Trap

"IG Freestyle"

She wet like a pool
I sh*t on n*ggas, I'm dripped like a pool

[Verse 2: Jasiah]
Shootin' sh*t just like a star
I'm came in this b*tch, I f*cked in the car
I'm f*ckin' this b*tch, I ain't doin' no bars
Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 3: Ooze Beats]
I'ma f*ck that b*tch until my di*k hurt, yeah, yeah
Pop a perc 30, made my di*k work, yeah, yeah
I'ma f*ck that b*tch until my di*k hurt, yeah, yeah
Pop a perc 30, made my di*k work, yeah, yeah

[Verse 4: Melunderground]
b*tch, know she bad, uh
Grabbin' on my shaft, uh
Then I f*cked yo' mom, uh
Not tryna f*ck yo' dad, uh
Not tryna play that sh*t
I'ma go spit my clip
Young n*gga talkin' that sh*t
'Til we put, we let it rip

He talkin' reckless, might have just leave him neckless
Grab a n*gga by his throat, just like a motherf*ckin' necklace

[Verse 6: Joey Trap]
Ayy, I beat my di*k, I don't f*ck
I f*ck that b*tch in my truck
Then I put that in the trunk
I f*ck that b*tch with the lunch

[Verse 7: Jasiah]
I f*ck that b*tch in my Jeep
R.I.P. Lil Peep
Lil' man gettin' deep
In that pus*y, three feet

[Verse 8: Joey Trap]
R.I.P. Pop Smoke
pus*y n*gga, get smoked

R.I.P. to Pop
pus*y n*gga, get smoked
Pull up, Batman
Heard you n*ggas was a joke

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