Joey Trap


The Crimson Chin?
Excuse me
You a b*tch, you a b*tch
Ya' mama a b*tch and ya' daddy's a b*tch

[Verse 1: KxllSwxtch]
When I'm in the pus*y, go dumb, autistic
Bob the Builder, if he got a problem, I fix it
Your b*tch like Nintendo, when she bored, she switch di*ks
Sneak dissing on me, that's 4, 5, 6 feet under you lay
My b*tch speak Spanish, ride di*k, andale
He think he hard, well that's up for debate
I'll beat your ass f*ck around, catch a case

[Chorus 1: KxllSwxtch]
I am not in the mood today
Jesus Christ, I might break your b*tches knees tonight
I don't think you really need your life
Knock him off and now he see the light
Everybody wanna bug me, no lice
Black and white, I got it like zebra stripes
Exterminate rats, kill all mice
Nilla color whip with two ho's inside
Oh, that's nice
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