Joey Trap

Oh Skinny, you wildin' n*gga

Ay, number thirty thousand
Trappin' so much whip they call the police at the public housing
I can´t do no sh*t I told them n*ggas I was only browsing
Yo b*tch love to wrestle, beat her up, I call it Ronnie Rousing
Damn, my fingers bleeding, all I´m doing is just f*ckin' countin'
Damn, you n*ggas snitching, funny he thought we won´t do sh*t about it
How you beefing on the internet
I know that you ain´t shot sh*t in your life, you never been a threat
Threw the f*cking ocean on my arm, you never been in sweat
Put another plate up on the bar and I ain´t bend to [?]
Servin´ fentanyl
Press them with the 30 on the back, it look like Adderall
Damn, if I just stack up all my money bread look hella' tall
Reachin' for that 30 with the drum, that stick was hella' small
You ain´t want no beef, n*gga, I eat Philly's
Cheese steak and I´m dream chasin', I´m feelin´ like I´m Meek Milly
EA cause I splay sports and you n*ggas out here pop pillies
Y'all countin' on Instagram and I´m countin' on top millies
I think money made a monster
My wrist is prolly magic, I whip another pot up
We gon' bring the beef right to your door like it´s a pot luck
Always keep a bullet in the head I keep a shot tucked
Ay, f*ck you know about that
Shoot em, put my pole right back
Windows on that 'cat, all black
Ay, that´s our team, energy
Ay, I´m a beast, envy me
Ay, MVP, carry teams
Ay, Hit ya head, [?]
Servin´ fentanyl, gettin' off (mm)
Just don´t get involved, we get it all
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