Gameboy Jones

"Phantom Troupe Rap"

[Hisoka: Sketti]
Witness tricks and pick a card
I pick kids and pick apart
Their body parts while stiff and hard
Pick a target, grip his heart
Simpin' for a king, well I’m a joker, so the fight starts
Stickin with the rubber and gum like it's a fine art
Strong opponents come at me and you'll be gettin’ clapped dude
Bungee gum attached too, you'll be needin' clown shoes
I'm bad too, Ilumi-nate my blood lust in a bad mood
I could carry all the spiders on my back like tattoos

[Nobunaga: Daddyphatsnaps]
Do not act rash, boy, your life is hanging by a thread
You get two strikes, on the third, filleting you instead
Thunderclap flash, Zenny stance aiming at your head
Got that dome “Gon” like Hisoka aiming for some neck
Bettеr reign in every brеath
I might take it as a threat
I might shank you through your shoulder blades
To take away your flex
Send a message take your lungs away
And say it with your chest
I'm not the “1” to f*ck with
Why you think they saved it for the best
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