"Ghost (Luigi’s Mansion 3 Rap)"

[Chorus: Fabvl]
Feel the chill in the air tonight
Reapers near but he's in all white
Can’t forgive what I can't make right
I'm a ghost
I’m a go-go-go-go-ghost
Shoot to kill, I might take your life
Always numb, never felt alright
All dark, I don't see no light
I'm a ghost
I'm a gho-oo-host

[Verse 1: Zach Boucher]
I can hear it through the walls
Someone speaking in the halls
Acting sleepless, always keepin' secrets
Sneaking past them all
Breathing deeply
See, my homies need me
Gotta take it easy
Just believe me, yeah I feel a deity
Taking over me
And I gotta be the one to act
Just to make an impact
Try to avoid the demons
That always keep coming back
I feel the misery differ
But gotta pick up the slack
Lost my brother
I wonder if i've been on the right track
I was committed just to get it finished
Though I can't admit it
At my limit yeah i finally hit it
I was on a mission
I was set to fix it
Make a difference
Look I see they're vicious
This is twisted
Losing grip
And not in good condition
Not a single witness here to help
Staying in my zone
Only got myself
Thankfully I’ve got a clone
Never need nobody else
I’m equipped
Hope you know you b*tches put this on yourself
I'm not a Ghost
We’re surrounded
At least now I know i'm not in here alone
Try to beat it, but believe me
When I say that you ain't even coming close
Losing faith
I don't want to break
’cuz of the unknown
If it's fake
Then you know i'll make
Them look like a joke
This is all it takes
Never late
Imma make them choke
You made a mistake
It's a shame
That I made
Them into a Ghost
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