"Legends Live Forever"

[Intro] (Ben Schuller from NerdOut!)
Run away
Yeah, you better fear the name

Oh, you wanna play the game?
Don't you know that no one plays it better?
Run away
Yeah, you better better be afraid
Oh, you think you're stopping me?
Don't you know that legends live forever?

[Verse 1] (FabvL)
Yeah, what's a legend?
When they die, are those the ones that get to heaven?
Got a solid tеam around me, that's a blessing
Maybe somеday, I'll be stronger than the 2nd
Maybe someday, I'll use honor as a weapon

Fast paced life, top of the classroom
Go throw a hand sign, never see me come past you
I'd rescue her life just to prove that I'm that true
Yeah, time might fly, but I promise I'll last through this

[Pre-Chorus] (FabvL)
Won't back down
Feel the chakra all around
Never miss, sealed it out
But no one can stop me now
You've got to
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