Dame D.O.L.L.A.


Every time we step, bottle service
The city love me hard, got your partners love us
Whenever we drinking I leave your body j*rking
Breakfast in bed 'cause I leave your body hurting
I bring flowers for you and that ain't my blood type
You never ask me for nothing and I be grubbed right
Got me feeling I probably could do the love life
Yeah, I probably be moving without the club nights

Look, this love is a true thing
Your light is shining on me, never would change
It may not last forever, that's a good thing
Yeah, you remind me of my momma with them good wings

Girl, your time is all a n*gga really need
Let me change your life, never be the one to never let you speak
She draped up, oh, put Chanels on the feet
She want a n*gga that's gon' do it all
Hop up in the studio to the beat
Hop up in the studio to the beat

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