Dame D.O.L.L.A.

"End Of Summer ’19 Freestyle"

You feel me?
Sunday vibes
End Of Summer
It's Dame D.O.L.L.A
You feel me? Uh

Closin' in, people close switchin' teams
And play like they hope I win
I'm bathin' in success with all my closest friends
This how the broke eVenge
All the struggle and pain so you gotta soak it in
Tryna live out best life so all the poses binge
We kick it like Beckham but never for the Ben
The circle been a circle, never open end
Big money, they look at me like the bank branch
Mr. Do It All for my people, I break back
I'm different from circus clowns and these stage acts
n*ggas goin' state to state but never state facts
Just landed from China, I get a day back
Three weeks abroad and ain't have to pay jack
Bro, I be laid-back
No sweat on my brain cap
Scribbled on, my lane fat
They say that Dame should dribble on like I can't rap
When you proud or go real or never conform
You're gonna encounter the storm
I just hope that one day they see that I'm not the norm
I ain't they crop of corn or they cup of tea
Ha, they can't f*ck with me
Had to come for a n*gga over the Duppy beat
Touchin' millions but better know that I'm sucka-free
Real Brookfield we up but never uppity
Your idol's idol went away, you still look up to me
Ha, so unapologetic
I know I'm real and they feel it too
They gotta respect it
Seen my life they way it is back when my momma set it
The goal was gettin', I'm in comma heaven
Really one of the ones, bruh, I should rock eleven
But the zero on my back for the place that I'm breded
Not mistaken for the number of place I'm headed
Or the number of people that I know I'm indebted
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