Top Dawg Entertainment

"Might Not Make It"

Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Like if I'm there and like, twenty-four hours left, like
This-this is just a joke
f*ck these sensitive-ass n*ggas, look

The visions of wantin' to die, I looked the Devil in eye
Suicide all on my mind, I might not make it
This my last minutes alive, might as well live in demise
I got the Devil inside, I might not make it

[Verse 1]
If I only had twenty-four hours left, I'd be harassin' the youth
Kidnap Trump and ghost-ride him, let 'em crash in the coupe
I'd have sex with Lori, Rihanna, a Kardashian, too
Might just f*ck everybody like Kardashians do
I might duct-tape some City Girls and roll through the city
They scream, "Periodt" with period blood all over they titties
Pop a pill and act up, they got us rollin' more
I f*ck 'em on a lil' boat since he wrote it for 'em

f*cked that Stallion in the stable, bend Meg all over the table
She screamin' out, "Drive the boat" while I'm tryna drive her disabled

I leak all of Dot music, Rock music, if I'm able (Hahaha)
Top call, I laugh at him, scream, "I'm the best in the label!"

I shoot every single fan in the stomach that leave a comment
"When Zay album comin'?" It come when it come, n*gga
I might make these old n*ggas stop hatin' on young n*ggas

I might kill every rapper fakin' to be a thug n*gga
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