Lil Baby

"Lil Baby Freestyle With DJ Clue"

Yeah, yeah
Got my waves from the block
Not my dad, no shame on my pops
Tryna change the game and how I rock
My son be saying Glock
My mans still selling weed but he ain't me so I can't tell him stop
Then again I'm happy its just weed and he ain't selling block
Young, rich, and black hopping out Maybachs
Build my catalogue up get some artists so I can lay back
Thought I was dumb but I got too much sense under this A hat
Answer every call I know its hard I told him we gonna shake back
All the sh*t we done when we was young I'm guessing this is payback
Heard they give you deals for meals somebody tell me where I pay at
Heard you still be in the field been here for years this where I'm safe at
Me, God, and Ben Frank' the only ones know where my safe at
f*ck all that being calm I bought a foreign its on the way back
Had a spot on every street it ain't no condo we ain't play at
In your heart know I'm the one seem like your tongue won't let you say that
We gonna fire all our arms this your warning n*gga stay back
Baguetti spaghetti all on my arm I used to starve
M in my garage I really used to steal cars
Petty sh*t don't bother me I know I was gonna go far
Only thing that bothers me is my sons without their fathers
Im just being honest
Never show no feelings about money thats a women's trait
My momma good, my sister's good, I turned up my whole f*cking hood

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