Lil Baby


[Intro: Gunna]
Wheezy outta here (Wheezy outta here)

[Verse 1: Gunna]
Gunna spittin' words like a mothaf*ckin' poet (Poor)
Told 'em, "Press start, I'ma go ahead and record" (Go ahead and record)
Push one button, I could close up the doors (Yeah)
Made a few millions, give a f*ck about the Forbes (Uh-huh)
Drippin' all the children, n*gga, used to couldn't afford ('Ford)
I was in the trenches rockin' Gucci and Dior
BET was trippin', how I didn't get an award? (How?)
You got me a annoyed
Double park the Urus, I'll pull up, 'Ventador (Skrrt)
Travel like a tourist, had to fly to Bora Bora
Show's around one-fifty, but they paid a lil' more (More)
Me and Wheezy wave, f*ckin' b*tches on the shore (Wave)
We ain't come to play, is you with it, are you sure? (Nuh-uh)
Smokin' like a train, you can smell it in my pores (Shh)
Cup full of codeine, you can smell it when I pour (Smell it when I pour)
All I drink is oil
I'm spendin' on designer when I'm shoppin' in New York (Designer)
Goin' shoppin' one stop 'fore I stop at the resort (Resort)
You gon' never get it if your feature money short (Nuh-uh)
Wake up to a threesome in the penthouse on the Nawf (Yeah)
Rick Owens denims, show my sneakers like they shorts (Rick Owens)
Gunna spit venom, you can hear it in his voice (Venom)
Tried me and I killed him, I didn't really have no choice
I'm showin' no remorse
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