Lil Baby

"Woah (Remix)"

{Junior} (Verse 1)
Miss you imma text imma test you been thru so much bullsh*t that i’ve been thru head to where you came from with your friends to end you like a bad guy with my M2
.30 on me like i’m meant to
Sever your head just like ken do
Telling on me but i’ve been knew
Holding the crown cause i’m next dude
It’s going down when my checks due
Coming to town with my benz too
Swinging around taking meds too
Drinking mad lean till i’m mental
f*ck it my n*gga you telling on everyone but you’re the only one caught
I got a mac and a tac and a .30 so next time i see you get shot
All of my n*ggas don’t f*ck with no snitches so it’s going down on your block
You making nothing but i’m getting richer my n*gga that’s why i’m on top

{Lil Baby} (Hook)
Brand new car is noisy, come through and it's roarin' (skrrt)
You ain't gotta worry, don't care about your boyfriend
See me and get nervous, I damn near did it perfect
Work hard and determine, it's safe to say I earned it, whoa
Yeah, none of you guys get fly as me, whoa
Matter of fact, none of you guys get high as me, whoa
Post my drip up daily just so they can see, whoa
Turn me up some more so my haters can hear it, whoa (yeah)

{Junior} (Verse 2)
I’ve been dripping daily got some ices for your manners
Crying cause you got jumped my n*gga why don’t you man up
I don’t need no b*tches i got one and she a dancer
By the time you 30 this lil n*gga gon need pampers
I’ve been thinking bout the molly
Everybody wanna rob me
I’m that n*gga who been killin
U that n*gga that been drilling
Im that n*gga they been staring at why the f*ck is you staring at me
I’m that n*gga who came from the trenches using my talent to get paid
Why the f*ck you in my way
Get the f*ck up out my face
All you want is pus*y n*gga u don’t need to get laid
All these racks that i’m stacking is all of the cash that i’ve done near made
If you want to get silly with me we gon take this sh*t to the grave
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