I kill you
Scratch Mix It


If I see man walkin', back out my zombie killer and leave him dead
Rise it with yeast, no bread
He fled, hopin' he don't get stretched
If Kweng is Jason then call me Fred
I don't care how bait we made man bled
Run up in gaffs I knew he was baffed
Like Snoop I took man's Zeds
Man bail, hittin' themselves
Movin' like I don't give a f*ck about jail (I don't)
Yo, I was out front like Benzema
And the feds had me sittin' on the wing like Bale (I was in the can)
Two ding-dongs on the opp block
Best just move out the way like rail (Move!)
Me and Shug like Keenan and Kel
We both got boys like Becky and Pell
My guys do drills with waps
My young Gs do drills with kitchens (Oi ching him)
All dem man just do is just rap
And the life that they rap we live it (They're chattin' sh*t)
Chased him on the mains till the bank
It's calm his mate held a dippin' (Ching, ching)
Tryna leave an opp boy missin'
Just like how my n*gga did it
This wap gon' wake up the neighbours
Jailhouse that's toothbrush and razors
I'm in cunch, servin' lunch
Me and Suge got balls and I hand out lakers
I don't take man's Ps in flavors
And I'm handin' out food like waiters
I don't lurk where the hitters lurk but farmers
And I done lurk in lanes
On the glide with my n*gga Young Trizz
Known as K2 or Kizz
It's a Renault or its a ped when I'm servin' all this lead
Free LD and free up Cleanse
Free Snoopy and free up Denz
I see man run like chicken when me and gang pulled up in the hen
Joke with the Pecks so fill it with lead, bow
Tryna leave a man all dead
I love LV but he's way too tapped
It's jarrin' when he ain't took his meds
He runs, he skeets, he cheffs
He dashed for his shanks last time we met (f*ckin' hell)
Debz wanna boot down doors like my bro's done-done to the opp boys there
It's evident when I raise this ting
Stop jammin' it, yo, tryna link with fibs
It's definite you're relavant you b*tch
Stab him more, pepper him or ching
Another opp boy soon turn jello
Load it up, fill that to the brim
He nearly got me, and I got him
It's peak cah we slide 'till [?]
Door dash get splashed for washin' my trunks
Get active anytime I see them punks
Mad ting gyal wanna slam those dunks
Cappin' if dem man say they won
I swear I wanna kill these c*nts
On the deathbed ting, ain't talkin' 'bout buns (No cap)
Bruce don't stop, fly over dem humps
Like fireman bruce bare swingin' dem pumps
Blades, I don't got no arms so drill it, bill it
Smokin' the opp boys through
Don't ever smoke one time I did it
Shoot at giants, ching at midgets
Ram's too low can't help but fidget, fidget, fidget
Jump out, ching it (Ching ching)
If I got intel I was up in your cell me and BO will have man strippin' (No homo)

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