Tay B

"10 On Amiri"

Huh, yea
Aye, All facts 'lil n*gga huh
Aye, aye, aye

[Verse 1:]
See yo b*tch call me Padre
Hit that boy with the "Tom" like it's Myspace
Jealous n*ggas, but they di*ksuck in my face
Don't ask me for sh*t, cause I'ma be like "I can't'
Cause on the real thats how n*ggas did me
Aye, f*ck who against me
Man, The closest people hurt you, man
f*ck who say they with me
I used to ask n*ggas for a ride they couldn't come and get me
So imma fly right pass you when im in a Bentley
Im out the way, do not ask me if im in the city
My b*tch got real cash with some fake titties
Gionni got my whole heart she can get my kidney
I won't give another b*tch sh*t, they say im being stingy
b*tch i want stupid bands, f*ck being friendly
Moose Knuckles in the winter f*ck being chilly
Used to hustle for clothes, like f*ck being dilly
Now I want a million dollars, f*ck being crispy

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