Tay B


[Intro: 42 Dugg]
This how we gon' do this, ayy
(Helluva made this beat, baby)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
I remember we ain't have sh*t
Now look at us, both verified, f*ckin' bad b*tches
Bro, I done drove fast whips, bro, I done crashed whips
I don't care if she a lame ho or if she a rat b*tch
I'ma f*ck her like my main, treat her like a fat b*tch

[Verse 2: Cash Kidd]
I don't care about my last b*tch, let my mans hit
I just checked my bank account, this sh*t outrageous
Woke up with no socks on, I feel like a caveman, look
Ayy, bust a nut, fell straight to sleep, got her ass heated
Bro asked, "Was her pus*y good?" sh*t, I caught amnesia
n*gga said f*ck my dead brother, made his ass meet him
Have to pay for them words like a rap feature
Draco with the long nose, look like an anteater
Fendi prints, put the F's on her like a gas meter
Bag touch, I'm passin' out F's like a mad teacher
Say she want me and Tay B, we gon' tagteam her

[Verse 3: Tay B]
Ayy, told Dugg to bring 42, she want four too
This little sh*t these n*ggas signin' for, we gon' blow through
Y'all n*ggas trippin' over hoes, that's what we don't do
Arguing with your b*tch every day is what you go through
On the phone beggin' for her back, on your cryin' sh*t
Gave you a lil' trophy, one year, on my Kawhi sh*t
You like Curry shootin' from the three, you can't buy a brick
She said she ain't f*ck me, she a lyin' b*tch
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